About Us

Welcome To Balaji Skill Ventures Pvt Ltd

Balaji Skill Ventures Private Limited was incorporated in January 2019 as a start up to promote courses for competitive exams as well as vocational courses for the youth of India.

Courses for Competitive Exams: Balaji Skill Ventures aims to impart coaching classes for competitive exams like RRB, Banking, SSC, TET,TRB, TNPSC etc through tie ups with eminent institutes in the country. Our sole aim is to provide quality education to students for the various competitive exams so as to help them establish themselves in their chosen profession.

To that end, we have tied up with Don Bosco Coaching Academy (Thanjavur) to impart coaching for competitive exams.

Don Bosco is a renowned institution and has been known to impart high quality academic education. Don Bosco Coaching Academy is closely involved in imparting quality training to graduates for competitive exams like RRB, TNPSC, Banking, SSC, TET, TRB and integrated training for all 80 types of competitive exams.

The highlight of our institution is extremely qualified faculty, hi-tech infrastructure and updated study materials. This is borne out by the fact that In mere 8 months of incorporation, 40 + students have successfully passed the various competitive exams held this year (2019).

Cambridge english training course
Mobile repair technician course
Laptop repair technician course

Skill Development Courses: One of Balaji Skill Ventures key initiatives is to impart various skill development programs, through association with multiple skill development sectors and going forward, be a major player operating across multiple verticals in the skill development ecosystem.

Our key task is to play a crucial role bridging the gap between the currently available skill sets among the Indian youth and the required skill sets for getting employment. Thus our programs are job oriented programs taught with the sole aim of getting the students job ready.

Currently, Balaji Skill Ventures is associated with Bigfix Academy (a division of Bigfix Gadget Care LLP, India’s first network of professional gadget care centres (http://www.bigfix.co.in/academy/) Along with Bigfix Academy (BFA), our aim is to identify, train, certify and employ skilled workforce in the telecom ecosystem.

Who we are?

We are an educational and skill development institute set up to provide the Indian youth with the right coaching platform and equip them with the required skills and knowledge to get gainful employment.

Our competitive exam coaching (with specially trained faculty and updated curriculum) is completely focussed on providing students value added coaching and the right aptitude and know how for them to be successful across various competitive exams held in the country.

On the skill development front, it is our constant effort to bridge the gap between the currently available skills and that required for gainful employment.

Our mission

To provide the right knowledge and skills to the Indian youth so that they can engage and align productively with the industry and get gainful employment.

Provide holistic and integrated training for competitive exams to the Indian youth seeking employment in industries such as banking, railways, TNPSC, TET and other competitive exams.

Align with various skill sector councils (Retail/Logistics/ Telecom etc) and provide a platform for the youth and get the right training which will make them job ready.

Contribute to employment growth by providing job ready and skilled manpower across industry verticals