Laptop Repair Technician Course

Laptop Repair Technician course

Laptop Repair Technician

Course Duration: 250 hrs, Certification by National Skill Development Corporation (NDSC) Combination of Theory and practical training through lab work to make students job ready.

National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) was set up by Ministry of Finance as a Public Private Partner Ship.

The Government of India through Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) holds 49% of the share capital of NSDC, while the private sector has the balance 51% of the share capital.

Labtop Repair Technician contents and topics covered

Module 1 (Basics of Computer Hardware)

Introduction of computer/ computer parts/ Input Output Devices, Motherboard/CPU, Computer Memory, Storage Devices, Hardware Tools, Fundamentals of Electricity, Switch Mode Power Supply(SMPS) and Electrical Safety."Theory test and practical test. "

Module 2 (Hardware Installation)

Introduction to assembled computer, Installation of CPU, Heat Sink, and Fan to the Motherboard, RAM Chip Installation, ODD/HDD Installation, Connecting Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor etc, Testing computer assembly. "Theory test and practical test. "

Module 3 (Software Installation)

Installation of operating systems, Installation of application software's. Installation of Microsoft Office Application Suite, Installation of Open Office. "Theory test and practical test. "

Module 4 (Support Program)

Basic of computer networks, Types of network architecture, Hardware for computer networks, LAN setup, Filesharing and printing setup. "Theory test and practical test. "

Module 5 (Trouble Shooting)

Trouble shooting basics, RAM, Power Supply, HDD, Damaged Electrical wires, SMPS Fan, steps for trouble shooting CPU Fan, Defragmenting HDD-introduction, troubleshooting Monitor, mouse, keyboard, ODD, OS, file sharing, networking, installation of Antivirus Software. "Theory test and practical test. "